Is it a full size boat?

Yes. It's not big, but it will take an adult and two children, or a maximum of two adults. The boat measures 2.2m long by 1.2m wide (7.2 x 3.9 foot).


What does it weigh?

A light weight 20.5 kgs (45 pounds).


What is it made from?

We use high quality, FSC approved, marine grade plywood. The keel is cut from Kwila or an similar hardwood.


How does it work?

Our dinghy is designed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It uses the “stitch and glue” technique, with cable ties (zip ties) holding each piece in place while the glue dries. Once the ties are removed, remaining holes are filled and sanded.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. If your country does not appear available in the checkout process, please email us at hi@stitchbird.co with your order and shipping address and we can provide an accurate shipping price. 


When will my kitset arrive?

We produce each kit on-demand and aim to have it delivered no later than 3 weeks from receipt of the order. If you require yours sooner we are happy to accommodate requests.


How long does it take to build?

From start-to-finish is 2 ½ weeks (17 days) of part-time work. The build itself is relatively short, with priming and painting being most time-consuming.


What tools will I need?

The kit has been specially designed to not require any specialist tools. However you will need to source some commonly found items such as a caulking gun, solvent-proof roller or paint brush, sand paper and rags.


What’s included in the kit?

Precision cut marine grade plywood and hardwood parts, cable ties (zip ties), rubber gloves in adult and children’s sizes, marine epoxy, stainless towing eye and a pair of nylon rowlock ferrules.


What’s not included?

In addition to the tools listed above, you will need to source oars and life jackets separately.


Is it easily transportable?

Yes, the finished boat is lightweight so can be strapped to the roof of a car or flat deck of a utility vehicle. It can even be towed behind a bike on a mini trailer!


Can I put a motor on it?

Yes, the transom is reinforced to support an outboard motor. We recommend 2.5 horsepower or less, with an electric outboard being ideal.


What if I want a different colour?

We are happy to mix a custom colour for you on request. This service is available for a small additional fee (see Store for details).


Do I need a workshop?

No, the build takes up minimal space so can be done in a single-car garage. We recommend storing the boat under cover during the build.


Is it safe?

Our design conforms with the recognised safety standard and has been tested on the water since 2015. Naturally, the dinghy should only be used as directed and you will need to ensure that instructions are followed throughout the build.


Does it have built-in buoyancy?

Not included in the kit, but this can easily be added. We suggest cutting a “pool noodle” in half an attaching this under each of the seats if you require buoyancy.